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  1. What do you mean by "Automated Endo"?

  2. In a nutshell what are the guiding principles behind what you teach?

  3. Are you still doing mobile classes?

  4. Do I have to travel to attend a class?

  5. Can I really do a root canal with a toothbrush?

  6. Can I really do a root canal with only two files?

  7. What is Pressure Filling?

  8. What is Passive Filling?

  9. If I am not a dentist where can I get questions answered?

  10. What preparation technique do you teach.

  11. What probing technique do you use?

  12. What is wrong with good old fashioned gutta percha?

  13. Who teaches the Automated Endo course?

  14. What are the teachers' credentials?

  15. How many dentists have attended so far?

  16. How many dentists in the U.S. are using these techniques?

  17. Do you ever split roots with your methods?

  18. How do you avoid overfills?

  19. Why have I not heard of this before?

  20. If it's so good, why don't the dental schools teach it?

  21. How do you handle curved canals with this technique?

  22. If it's so fast, how can I avoid zipping apices?

  23. What exactly does Fine-Cut mean?

  24. Do you ever give courses outside the U.S.?

  25. Are non-dentists welcome at your courses?

  26. How can I get information on this course to my dentist?

  27. Can I find dentists who will do my root canals this way?

  28. Where are courses given?

  29. Is it a Sargenti course?

  30. Is it a 'paste' technique?

  31. What material do you fill with?

  32. Do you use Nickel-Titanium Files?

  33. How expensive is it to change over?

  34. If I haven't done endo in years, can I learn it and benefit by taking this course?

  35. Is the course eligible for AGD or state board credit?

  36. Can I prepare canals your way and still fill with gutta percha?

  37. Can I fill with your method and still prepare by hand?

  38. What is this new system and why does it replace ultrasonics?

  39. If I get involved with your technique, can I get follow up support?

  40. What do I have to buy and where can I buy it?

  41. How long is the course?

  42. Can I retake as often as I want?

  43. What is the Milton Syringe?

  44. What's the Dual_Mode? How does it differ from the Precision Endo Syringe?

  45. Is the sealer that you use ADA approved?

  46. Is it FDA approved?

  47. How do the PCA Pressure Syringe and the Precision Endo Syringe Differ?

  48. What's this about a NEW Precision Endo Syringe?

  49. What other sealers are ADA approved?

  50. What ever happened to Lee Endo Fill?

  51. What ever happened to Centrix Sealer? Can I still buy it?

  52. What ever happened to 'Endo for GP's Newsletter?

  53. Do you still have copies of the (IN)famous August and September, 1990 issues of 'Endo for GP's'?

  54. Who is Dr. Kit Weathers?

  55. Can I still get back issues of Automated Endo Update?

  56. What is the legal status of cement fills in the US?