Why this Newsletter?

Santa Cruz, CA...June 24, 1994

There is an old saying that you tend to forget that your main purpose was to drain the swamp when you are 'ass-deep' in alligators.

For almost my entire teaching career I have been trying to drain the swamp, so to speak by teaching, inventing, developing new ideas and have sorely neglected one of the groups that means the most to me...the previous attendees of the 'Automated Endo' course.

Now that the courses seem to be on an even keel and I have a little more time, I sat down at my trusty IBM Clone, fired up the word processor ( Multi_Edit ) and wrote enough to fill several newsletters.

Note: Most of the re-editing is now done on a Mac using BBEdit 4.0(soon to be 4.5) because it has FTP capabilities built in making editing a web page easier.

This is the first.

I hope to accomplish several missions with it.

You, the previous attendees, should know when courses are again being given in your area and when and where Advanced Endo Research Group meetings will be held.

This has gotten very difficult as the years roll by and the list gets longer.

As near as we can figure, almost 23000 have attended so far.

And as new techniques arise and as I travel the country and find out some of the tips and tricks that other dentists are doing, I can pass them on to you faster.

Each article will have a dateline and a date.

You may periodically see article with similar names with a newer date.

For a little over three years now we have been building a list of dentists who have joined the Advanced Endodontic Study Group.

This list is over a thousand already.

If you are not a member of the group, there is no membership fees and no mandatory meetings. ( How can you lose! ).

Sporadically I have had a few meetings around the country the purpose of which is to give the members an opportunity to get upgraded and updated on the endo technique I teach and to give those who are curious about the technique to attend a short, non-fee meeting in our mobile teaching lab.

Starting just after the new year I will begin scheduling those meetings.

THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL BE ABLE TO FIND OUT THE SCHEDULE WILL BE IN THIS NEWSLETTER or by subscribing to the on-line e-mail version by emailing me at drjack@BetterEndo.com and making the subject line read "AEU YES."

Any of you who know me, know that I have a particular point of view.

I am NOT neutral but I generally "calls 'em as I see 'em".

It seems as though every month in one publication or another there are more misleading statements either in articles or in ads.

You as a previous attendee of the "Automated Endo" course have acquired a unique ability to understand a more detailed explanation than is generally given in articles written for endodontists or other dentists who for example, don't know a rake angle from a helical angle from a Morse taper.

This newsletter will be my opportunity to keep you up to date.

I hope that you will print and save the issues in a ring binder.

They will be numbered consecutively starting with one.

Anyone who wishes can get them by email also.

Frequently articles will refer to other articles, either in previous issues or in future issues.

In order not to repeat a lot, the assumption is made that you have saved previous issues and that you have all pages.

The web page version will often have links to other articles.

Each issue will be dated.

Once an issue is mailed out, there will be no back issues mailed, however, everyone who attends a course will get all back issues.

This is a free newsletter and thus I retain the right to send it or NOT send it to any individual.

It is authored by me with input from hundreds of others especially the members of the Advanced Endodontic Research Group.

It is published by Continuing Education Centers of America, the sponsor of the Automated Endo Seminar series.

It receives financial support from Special Products, Inc., the people who market my PDL Intraligamentary syringe, my Precision Endo Syringe, the Precision Multi_Mode Syringe, my Fine-Cut Sonic Adapters, Fine-Cut Files and the new Fine-Cut Endo Handpiece.

The printed version is desk top published by my dear wife, Dr. Gail Jacklich and is "intended for the personal use of you the person it is mailed to".

If there is some one you would like to have read the newsletter, there is no need to copy it.

Drop us a line and we will put then on the mailing list for you.

I hope you enjoy this subscription.

Dr. Jack Jacklich

E-mail your comments to drjack@BetterEndo.com

To subscribe to the e-mail version include in the subject line of your e-mail the character strings 'AEU' and 'YES'.

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