STS is the New Automated Endo Standard

Last Edited on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Note: Once the Fine Cut Endo Handpiece became available we now suggest that you check with Special Products about getting your STS system changed over to the new handpiece with mechanical linear oscillation.

The stroke is no longer dampened by contact with the apical end of the file and thus probing is now feasable.

Since the amplitude of the linear oscillation is now slightly larger than the interflute distance on a size 40 Fine-Cut File, using these larger sizes is now possible.

Lynchburg, Virginia ...

August 26, 1994

Well, I've bitten the bullet!

We are now teaching the Successor To Sonics (STS) system as the main method in the Automated Endo course.

Sonics and ultrasonics are still there but in a minor role.(Note: Even the STS is now obsolete because the Fine-Cut Endo Hanpiece is now available.

The STS is no longer supported.)

In mid July(1994) I had occasion to do a root canal on my father who is a very young 81 years of age.

It was the lower right first premolar.

It was a fairly straight-forward 21mm canal that had to be probed for almost it's entire length, meaning that when I started circumferentially filing the canal was size 15 or smaller for its entire length.

After gaining access and measuring, I decided to use the STS as an orifice opener.

I began spiraling ( crown-down orifice opening ) down using a size 25 Fine-Cut File and in less than a minute I was at the 3mm point and just for fun, decided to circumferentially file for a few seconds.

After another 30 seconds, I was able to drop a size 40 to the 3mm point.

At that point concept became reality for me.

This thing really works!

Since then several techniques have emerged for use with the STS system.

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