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Sacramento, CA...May 16, 1994

I frequently get requests for addresses and phone numbers where you can buy things or get things repaired.

One of the most frequent is about Cavitron repairs.

The best place I have ever found is from

Harry Maliga
4014 Eighth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11232
His phone is 718-871-1810.

If Harry can't fix it, throw it away.

The best chairside darkroom and rapid developer and fixer is from

Microcopy, Inc.
3120 Moon Station Road
PO Box 2017
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Their phone number is (800)235-1863.

The company is run by Tom and Martha Maas, two of the nicest people you will ever do business with.

The best source of information about endo of all kinds is from the Practical Endondontics Newsletter, written by Dr. Kit Weathers
14 Hudson Street
Griffin, GA 30223
Kit's phone is (404)227-3882.

He was formerly the editor of Endo for GP's before they had the misfortune of thinking they could find a cheaper editor.

Notice which newsletter is still in business.

I read it every month.

Kit's newsletter is my secret source for a lot of what I teach.

I do not consider it to be a competitor to this newsletter because Kit covers the entire endo world, microbiology, gutta percha etc. that I do not.

Most of the instruments discussed in the Automated Endo Course can be purchased from

Special Products, Inc.
102 Western Court
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
The phone number is (800)538-6835.

You can order by internet

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