A Little Legal Nicety

Buffalo, New York _September 16, 1994

Last Edited on Thursday, January 15, 1998

There are three reasons that I prefer PCA root canal sealer:

  1. It is ADA certified
  2. also because it is ADA certified
  3. and last but not least, it is ADA certified.

A little silly perhaps but not really such an exaggeration.

PCA sealer is in fact ADA certified but it's better than that.

It is certified, in the ADA's words as a 'sealer and filler with or without solid core materials.' What this does NOT mean is that it must be used with gutta percha.

There are several additional reasons to use PCA in the precision endo syringe.

  1. When mixed very thick, there is very low proportion of eugenol ...

    probably much less than the body is exposed to during gutta percha filling which is done with a eugenol-rich mix.

  2. It is radio-opaque enough to see in small canals.
  3. The particle size is small enough to extrude through the smallest available needles.
  4. It has an extended working time.

    You have four to five hours from the time you mix it until it is too thick to use.

    Thus, you can use the same mix practically all day.

  5. It is easily removed for post insertion.
  6. Excess cement usually absorbs.

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