Attention Giromatic Users!

Santa Cruz, California ...

September 4, 1994

Since 1985, when anyone asked me if I thought that by switching to sonic or ultra-sonic endo that they would be able to prepare a canal faster or easier with a sonic than with the Giromatic ...

I had to say NO.

Were there advantages, yes.

Enough to merit the switch, maybe.

You have to understand that in no sonic or ultra-sonic system on the market does the vibration actually do the cutting.

All that it does is to keep the file moving so that the file can do the cutting.

Since the movement of the file is a waggling motion, back and forth, if the file did actually cut, it would be dangerous because it would cause a ledge.

There are, however, several advantages to Fine-Cut_ sonic endo.

It is smaller.

Six millimeters in height as opposed to about 12-14 with the Giromatic.

Changing files is a little easier because of the sliding sheath.

The Fine-Cut sonic adapter allows the files to free-wheel and orient themselves to the plane of the curve of the canal and thus minimize adverse torque and stripping.

And there was automatic irrigation.

But did it make it faster ...


How fast it cut was determined by how many strokes up and down you could make, because you still had to do circumferential filing.

Now the situation is just about optimal.

With the Successor To Sonics (STS) system the up and down motion is done for you in a very controlled manner and is both FAST and SAFE.

As near as I can figure, the preparation is 25-50 times as fast and endo suddenly got easier on your hands and the preparation has gotten simpler.

If you are ready to change for the better, pick one of the dates on the schedule, attend one of the three hour mini courses and find out what the future of endo is going to be like.

I have canceled most of the Automated Endo course schedule from October through December of 1994 to acquaint the previous attendees of the Automated Endo Seminar with the new STS preparation and the Milton Syringe apical filling method.

Invite your endodontist friends.

Bring your associates.

Invite your dentist friends who might not be getting this newsletter.

This is good stuff.

There is no tuition.

I can only accommodate 16 dentists per seminar so call immediately if you want to attend.

Have a second location in mind when you call, you don't want to miss this opportunity.

To register, check the schedule or of class availability, call 800-538-6835.

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