Milton Syringe...Instructions for Use

The Milton Syringe is simply the most accurate method yet devised for injecting cement into a root canal.

Since the degree of accuracy in any syringe is determined by the inside diameter (bore) of the syringe, the Milton syringe was made very small, slightly larger than the outside diameter of the 30 gauge needle used to fill it.

In fact the Milton is so small it must be filled with another syringe.

To use the Milton syringe you must also have a Precision Endodontic Syringe and the 30 gauge needles used with it.

The driver on the Milton precisely fits the barrel/needle.

Each millimeter travel of the driver extrudes a very precise amount of cement.

So small in fact that you can actually decide in advance how big the puff of cement at the apex will be or how short of the apex you want cement. Instructions for Filling:

  1. First fill the Precision Endo Syringe and apply the 30 gauge needle.
  2. Insert the 30 gauge needle into the back end of the Milton Syringe all the way to the hub.
  3. Extrude cement from the Precision Endo Syringe until cement flows throught the apical end of the Milton Syringe.

    At this point continue forcing cement through the Precision Endo Syringe and put your finger over the apical end of the Milton Syringe and the cement will force the Milton Syringe off the 30 gauge needle.

  4. Now insert the end of the Milton driver about 5 mm into the back end of the Milton Syringe.

    The tip of the driver has been sharpened to make it easier to find the opening of the Milton Syringe.

  5. Cement should now be flowing from the apical end of the Milton Syringe.

Determining Driver Travel:

Sealing and Filling the Apex:

A few salient points:

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