I Don't Do Windows

Many who know me, know that I am a PC user, IBM PC user that is.

What you do not know is that I have also in the past been known to use a Macintosh for graphics, engineering drawings, photography etc.

I have said many times that "If I want speed, I use the PC.

If I want pretty I'll use the Mac."

For over 10 years now my wife, helpmate, business partner and friend has been a dyed in the wool Mac user.

In fact she is currently the Chairman of the Mac user group here in Santa Cruz, the MaCruzers.

Thus I have always kept up...sort of...

on what was going on in the Mac world.

So it is not unusual for me to occasionally venture into the Mac world.

Now I have built into my new 15 by 4 foot desk a Mac 8100AV with 48 megs of memory 4.7 gigbytes of hard disk, WACOM digital tablet, 28.8 modem, CDROM drive and LOTS of software.

Two feet to the right I have a 386 with 16 megs of memory, and a 1.5 gigs of hard disk.

I use Photoshop 3.0 to edit photos.

Debabelizer for batch photo editing.

Netscape for Web browsing.

Snatcher to upload and download from the web page, Intellidraw and MacDraft for engineering drawings, Eudora Pro( v 3.05beta) for email and several other auxiliary programs.

On the PC I use Quick Basic for programming, Multi_Edit Professional v 7.0 for text editing, data base management and just about everything else. ( Multi_Edit's web site is at http://www.amcyber.com/ ).

Most of my programming is done in Multi_Edit's macro language.

I maintain a mailing list of 154,000 dentists names, addresses etc using macros written in Multi_Edit, so you can see it is pretty powerful.

In addition in my mobile classroom I have a 386 PC, a cellular modem, fax board and up at the drivers console, keep a Macintosh PowerBook 520C with a CDROM drive going full time with StreetsUSA loaded.

For those of you who travel there are two indispensible programs.

Automap to plan trips and StreetsUSA to display maps.

StreetsUSA has about 99.999% of all the highways, streets, roads, alleys, lanes and paths in the US.

I was travelling through Wyoming last week and noticed a lot of unnamed roads to the left and right of Interstate 80.

It took me a while to realize that they were the paths beween the oil wells.

Evidently, DeLorme uses satellite photos to draw their maps and those roads showed up.

Excellant detail.

Slides during the course are done with an LTV Mac to Video interface.

Plans for the future include a GPS-map correlator and a color scanner, hopefully a Polaroid 60 second slide scanner.

If you have not checked into scanners yet, this is a must.

It will scan slides, negatives and dental xrays with detail approaching the grain size on film.

In fact one xray I have actually shows the grain in the film before you see pixels when enlarged in Photoshop.


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