Griffin, GA...April 1994

As Dr. Frankenstein is reported to have said, "I believe I've created a monster."

After I got my web page up and rolling, I encouraged, prodded, exhorted, pushed, shoved and threatened by good friend Dr. Kit Weathers to get his own web page. Kit is the editor of 'Practical Endodontics' and has a wealth of information already on disk ideal for adaptation to the web.

He is the former editor of 'Endo for GPs' and has been writing articles for several years. He is an excellent photographer and I believed that he could make the WEB an exiciting place for dentists to visit.

Now he's done it. You can visit his web page and see for yourself what a good job he has done. But after you do come on back and see us again.

Another interesting dental web site is edited by Dr. Carl Stewart in Richardson, TX.

If you're interested in books on endo check out C.V.Mosby's catalog page