PDL Intraligamentary Syringe 2006

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October 3, 2006...Kissimmee, FL

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A newer version of the PDL syringe came out on September 30, 2006. These photos and the letter that was emailed to customers are included below.

The Letter

Soon it will be 25 years (in February 2007) since the PDL syringe was introduced by Special Products, Inc. at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

Since then it has been used regularly in thousands of dental offices all over the U.S. and Canada.

It is not unusual to talk to dentists who are still using the syringe they bought in 1982.

Intraligamentary anesthesia is a way of injecting into the PerioDontal Ligament(PDL) under pressure adequate to flow anesthetic solution to the apex and thus to do block anesthesia for a single tooth whether this is to avoid children chewing on a numb lip or allowing adults to go back to work without a numb face.

There are instances when block anesthesia is not effective and a quick reinforcement of the anesthesia for endo has to be done without removing the rubber dam. It is also very effective for intra-pulpal anesthesia.

Of course this can be done with a conventional syringe but awkwardly, and then only by dentists with strong hands and of course with the attendant danger of exploding glass.

The PDL uses a compound lever system to create the pressure and a ratchet catch pawl to regulate the volume injected.

Our reputation for reliability is not by accident.

Since the beginning I have sought to make the PDL Syringe a reliable and sturdy instrument and even now we are making improvements that add to that reputation.

It has been described as the "Sherman Tank" of dental instruments.

Dr. Bob Davis (Watsonville, CA) is quoted as saying that apparently the only way to ruin it is to drive over it with your car.

Not true. We've tried. Many times. To recoin a phrase "it takes a licking and keeps on clicking." :)

The current price is $289 ( less expensive in multiples ). A little less than the pretty but flimsy aluminum syringes and a little more than the antiquated fear-inducing pistol style.

If you have one of the older models, you can upgrade the lever housing for $100.00.

The way this works is:

  1. We send you a new PDL Lever Housing
  2. We bill you for $100 of the normal $175 for a new one.
  3. You THEN send us your old one. You have 30 days to do this. We pay the shipping to you. You pay the shipping to us.
  4. If we don't receive it by then, we assume you wanted to keep both and we then bill you for the additional $75.

We hope that in the year 2032 dentists will be saying the same things about the syringes they or their present day predecessors bought back in '06.

In order to fulfill that hope, we have made several improvements to an already sturdy design.