Step By Step Parabolic Funnel Prep

Crown Down Orifice Opening Usually with size 25 Fine-Cut™ File in STS

Shape of Prep After Circumferentially Filing the Orifice

Insert 15...Take X-ray for Measurement

Probe to Apex

Circumferentially File With Sizes 20,25,30, precurving if necessary

Until Size 40 Fits Comfortably to 4 mm from Apex

Dress Apex (PTP filing with Hand Fine-Cut ™)

Mc Combs Modification

Within 1mm of apex with size 30 Fine Cut Hand File(use 25 and then 30 if necessary)

Try in the 30 Gauge Endo Needle

Modify to 35 if necessary

Make Parabola

Optionally Dress Apex

Finished Prep For Passive Filling

Passive Filling Technique

Needle within 1mm of apex Turn syringe about 1/16 turn

Wait 2 Seconds to Create Puff And to fill the Neck

4 Seconds

Begin withdrawing at a steady 1 mm every 2 seconds

6 Seconds

8 Seconds

Needle Now In Parabolic Safety Zone

Once in the Parabola Extra Cement Flows Coronally

Start Withdrawing Needle

Canal Full. Overflow in Pulp Chamber