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This section is intended for and in fact of interest ONLY for actively licensed dentists, and is not intended for any other reader.

Dr. Jack Jacklich (that's me) has been teaching the "Automated Endo (AE) Seminar" all over the United States since 1976. AE has been presented in 49 of the 50 U.S. states, in Canada and in India.

Since the inception of the course in 1976, over 22,000 different dentists have attended, and over half of them have attended more than once.

The uniqueness of this course originated when it was brought to the locality of the dentist, rather than the dentist coming to a metropolitan training center. All of the equipment necessary to learn was set up either in a meeting room, or an office. During the last ten years, the course was taught in a custom bus that converted to a mobile classroom.

When the internet arrived, however, I looked for a way to continue the seminar, to keep the best parts of it, and to reach even the most remote of dentists in their office (hello, Alaska).

If you are one of those rare individuals that can learn simply by watching and reading, you may be able to browse through this course on the internet, and then implement the techniques by purchasing the equipment you need from Special Products, Inc.

If you have a simple telephone internet connection, this online version may be too slow and expensive. To solve that problem, we make the entire course that you see here available on CDROM. The cost for the CDROM alone is $100 U.S.. We pay shipping in the continental U.S., and we do ship international (you will need to pay for shipment outside the continental U.S.). You may order the CDROM alone by clicking here.

If you are serious about learning the technique hands on, and believe you could benefit from a little coaching, here is our new program. We call it our "Automated Endo Office Remote Learning Method."

Here is how it works.

We will send you three packages which will include the instruments and supplies you will need to learn the techniques in your office, and begin practice. One package contains the instruments, one the consumable samples you need to learn the technique, and one package will contain the dental supplies you will need after learning the technique to begin practicing AE in your office. The CDROM is included in the course materials.

We estimate you will need 90 days to carefully review the CDROM, practice the technique, ask any questions you have (I'm available by telephone, email and we can chat using AOL Internet Messenger), practice the techniques some more and begin basic cases in your office. You may schedule a session with me by email, or see if I'm online spontaneously.

The tuition includes the CDROM, personal consultations, the consumable sample package and trial use of the instruments is $1,000. US (non-refundable). The instrument package* by itself is $1,695, and the dental supply package* is $845. (*Package details and the return policy are described below.)

Total cost of tuition and all three packages is $3,540.

We do ask for payment of all three packages in advance when beginning the Remote course. You can mail us a check, or provide us your approved credit card information. Or you can order the Remote course online. We are well aware that dental study groups, dental societies and group practices may wish to take the course as a group. To do so designate one member of the group as the responsible party and order as many course consumable packages as you wish from the web page. Consumables packages are $250 each. The kit details are below.

There are three parts to the kit.

*Shipping instructions for returnable items:

  1. Please place a note on your letterhead or office stationery to let us know what item(s) you are returning and who they are from inside the box. Please include a copy of the original invoice.
  2. Please package the item(s) according to the shipping requirement of the carrier you choose (Federal Express, UPS, U.S. Postal Service, etc.). You will need to pay for shipping to return the item(s) to Special Products, Inc., 102 Western Court, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.
  3. Please be certain to fully insure the package when you send it to us. You are responsible for the items until they reach our facility. If they are lost, only your carrier will pay to reimburse you. Special Products, Inc. will not refund lost item(s).
  4. Only the originating credit card will be credited for returnable items. Items paid for by check will be reimbursed by check from Special Products, Inc. Allow 3-4 weeks for processing of your return.

    **The Lynx Air Motor may be replaced by the Lynx Electric Motor and controller if the technique is not to be practiced chair side. There is an additional $110 for this motor.