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Griffin, GA...Sunday August 28, 1994

The proof of the puddin' is in the eatin'.


Kit Weathers and I have made a new video to enable you to sample the pudding of the STS( Successor To Sonics ) canal preparation device without actually buying one.

I wanted to see really how fast I could do a bunch of preparations.

So we set up a close up video camera in the 'Magic Endo Bus' and video taped the preparation of several teeth.

The verdict is up to you but I can tell you that IT WAS FAST.

As one of the attendees told me yesterday in Lynchburg, VA...'It really guts out a canal'.

But along the way we found out something else.

That it is also SAFE.

The reason is part of the STS system which moves the file in Linear Oscillation only about 0.8 mm at a rate of 500 strokes per second(Actually 250 up and 250 down).

I have told many of you in the "Automated Endo" class that there are two ways to break a Fine-Cut file.

You can twist it off or you can buckle it, get it stuck and pull on it.

Since the STS does not turn the file it cannot break it that way.

And since to buckle a file you have to push it beyond bowing it, which takes about 3mm, the STS does not push it that far.

Ergo, no breakage.

In the video, which is available on loan for a $10 deposit refundable toward the purchase of the STS, you can see for yourself some of the technical aspects of STS preparation.

Although it is still a good idea to take the course or to attend one of the AERG study group meetings listed on the back page, you can also buy the STS after seeing the video.

The total cost of the STS system including the Fine-Cut adapter is about $400.00.

There are some conditions, however.

Since the main part of the device is an electice tooth brush, once it is in your hands, I cannot take it back because the California Good Manufacturing Practices Act prevents me from selling it again. ( You surely wouldn't want to buy a used one would you? )

Another reason you might want to take a hands on training session with it is to cover yourself medico-legally although if you have been doing circumferential filing I see no radical departure from you existing technique.

As we get feedback from the users I will pass on the technique tips via this newsletter.

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Santa Cruz, CA...October 15, 1994

...and here are a few of them.

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