Dr. Jack Announces the Newly Redesigned Endo Contra Angle

October 20, 2006...Kissimmee, FL

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At long last for we are setting a definite release date for the new Fine-Cut Endo Contra-Angle. That date is December 5, 2006.

Every one of my inventions periodically undergo a fine-tuning reassessment process. Some have even said it is a brutal Gestalt-like reevaluation of what has gone before.

The Endo Contra Angle has gone thru one of these already. The first was when instead of fitting on a doriot type straight handpiece, we decided to make it fit a European (E-Type) motor. We discovered after a few years that since it took considerable torque to translate rotary movement into linear oscillation, that the drive-shaft (the part that tightens into the straight nosecone) was wearing out and since it had to be made of stainless steel to allow sterilization, there was little we could do about it.

The latest comes about because of the complexity of the internal parts and the wear and tear on the bearings, drive shafts and rocker arm. Minor changes had resulted in many different versions in dentists' hands. This in turn made it difficult to offer repair service or advice on maintenance but that meant many hours in the shop.

Part of the reason was that we always tried to "keep the 747 flying while remodeling it" i.e. keeping dentists up on the latest engineering and keep them in business.

This time we decided to use the winery slogan instead that "we will sell no contra-angle before it's time." Thus the delay.

We sought to make it reliable to reduce down time.

We sought to make it quieter which was no small feat given that the file holder mechanism itself vibrated when it changed directions as many as 20,000 times per minute.

We sought to make it completely compatible with the files that go in it.

We sought to make it less expensive.....well, three out of four ain't bad.

But considering the economics of it the system is actually economical in that it is possible to prepare a canal from size 15 to size 50 in about 45 seconds with NO DANGER OF BREAKAGE of files. Furthermore, many times the numbr of files needed to prepare a canal is reduced to one or two.

One of the major advantages of this contra-angle is that because the file moves in and out of the canal only about a millimeter, there is a constant churning of the fluid in the canal. By the simple expedient of adding fresh water to the pulp chamber, then entire canal is flushed TO THE DEPTH OF THE FILE, every TWO SECONDS.

Even if you are now using rotary NiTi which is notorious for burnishing debris into the canal walls, it would be worth it to have one of these contra-angles to do nothing but IRRIGATION.

We changed the file holder mechanism to allow the file to be changed without the dentist changing his/her grip on the contra-angle. In place of the sliding sheath we now have a spring loaded cover that springs up to allow file changes.

We have beefed up the bearings inside and put them in their own "cage" to enable modular assembly and disassembly for service.

We replaced the rocker-arm spring with two silicone "O" rings that dampen the noise and vibration until it is almost imperceptible.

And along the way we made the head even smaller although it was already the smallest on the market. Now you only need about 4 MM in the molar area.

Production is in progress and we will begin delivering new product by December 5, 2006. We will have enought to satisfy all back orders by that date and can then begin offering trade-ins on older versions for those who want them. As usual our trade in policy is very generous. We have as much interest in you doing good endo as you do.

We are now taking orders (no deposit necessary) for contra-angles, trade-ins and upgrades.

Our phone number is (800)538-6835.

I will be out of the country from November 16 thru December 4, lecturing in India.

and of course my email address is above DrJack@BetterEndo.com

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