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  • The Automated Endo course content on line, a complete explanation of how we do endo in what we think is a unique learning system. A scrolling complete outline on the right allows you to make sure you cover all the bases by clicking on the topics that interest you. The full explanation appears in the larger window on the left. Any videos, pictures, illustrations that go with the text appear in the upper right corner while not removing the other two.

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Come on in. Sit right down. Make yourself comfortable. We hope you stay a while.

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Dr. Jack Jacklich, the founder of the "Automated Endo Seminar" and the author of this page(with a little help from my friends.) My wife(Marian) and I live in Kissimmee, FL. We are the proud parents of five fine young adults and have seven grandkids.

This web site is intended for dentists who are interested in finding out if they want to change to the "Automated Endo" technique which I have been teaching now since 1976.

We hope you will browse through what we have to offer, learn a few things about endo and ultimately get involved doing endo our way.

If you have already decided to switch to the "Automated Endo" system and simply need to order supplies you can go directly to the Special Products Endo Supply Store On Line.

Since I am no longer the itinerant teacher I used to be, I have put my ideas down in electronic print for anyone in the world to see and judge. Some of them are pretty new and different, some of them are old ideas that may be new to you.

Along the way I've invented a few techniques and technologies that make endo a lot easier. They are included too.

If you are interested in a step by step prepared path thru the information here, click on "Courses" here or above. Most of our participation courses are held here in Kissimmee, FL just down the road from Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World. Additionally you can get specific information via AOL chat ( Buddy name "DrJackJacklich" and Apple iChat AV(video conferencing.)

Courses are hands-on participation and include laboratory, demonstration and lecture. To register, call 1(800)538-6835.

We hope you'll join some of the thousands of dentists world wide who have made endo speedy and simple while maintaining high standards. If you've taken my travelling seminar some time in the past, we hope you enjoy what you see here. Read it and find out what's new.

Thanks again for the visit.